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Topics that inspire

On our website you will find relevant topics that will make every cookery lover's heart beat faster. We offer inspiring recipes, cooking tips and tricks to take your culinary skills to the next level. Our product range, from high-quality kitchen tools to innovative appliances, takes centre stage to help you prepare meals. You'll also find articles about trends in the kitchen world, health and sustainability in nutrition, as well as information about our company values and history

PRIMELINE 5+1 promotion

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6 buy 1 free

Take advantage of the GEFU promotion now: Buy 6 items and get the cheapest one for free! Experience first-class quality, a wide selection and save money at the same time. Treat yourself to high-quality kitchen utensils or find the perfect gift - you're in good hands with GEFU!

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X-PLOSION® salt/pepper mills

Pure flavour power: discover the world of spices from X-PLOSION!

Mill set


Salt and pepper mill: The secret weapon for flavour explosions in your kitchen!

The X-PLOSION® salt and pepper mill is a must-have for your kitchen! With its innovative design and outstanding grinding quality, it takes the flavour of your dishes to the next level. Get the perfect duo for perfect flavour today

Salad spinner SPEEDWING®

Salad has never dried faster! Find out more about the salad spinners from GEFU



Fast, fresh, simple

The SPEEDWING® salad spinner makes salad preparation a pleasure! Its fast and efficient design ensures crisp salads in seconds. Invest in freshness and flavour - get the SPEEDWING® now!

Bobby 030BBQ

Talented barbecue master Bobby 030BBQ inspires BBQ lovers worldwide with his creative barbecue recipes

BBQ master      

 Bobby 030BBQ

Inspiration for barbecue lovers

Bobby 030BBQ is a Germany-wide BBQ enthusiast who is known in the BBQ community for his impressive BBQ creations and educational videos. With his creative approach to grilling and passionate presentation, he inspires BBQ lovers to improve their skills and explore new culinary horizons. His social media presence offers a wealth of tips, recipes and inspiration for anyone who loves barbecuing.

FUTURE® drinking straws

Environmentally friendly straws for every day. Enjoy in an environmentally conscious way with GEFU..



Stylishly sustainable: the "FUTURE" drinking straw from GEFU

Discover the "FUTURE" straw from GEFU - your sustainable choice for environmentally conscious enjoyment. Made from high-quality stainless steel or glass, it offers durability and elegance in a modern design. Make an active contribution to reducing single-use plastic and make a stylish statement for a more sustainable future of drinking pleasure with "FUTURE".

SPIRELLI® spiral slicer

Vegetable spirals made easy with SPIRELLI®

Spiral cutter


Creative cooking made easy with the SPIRELLI spiral slicer

The SPIRELLI® spiral slicer conjures up vegetable spirals from courgettes, carrots and more in no time at all. This practical kitchen appliance inspires healthier cooking and is easy to use and clean. Discover the versatility of the SPIRELLI® for creative and healthy dishes.

Meat mincer & drum grater TRANSFORMA

The kitchen gadgets for easy chopping and grating

Meat mincer/drum grater TRANSFORMA®

Meat mincer and drum grater from TRANSFORMA®: kitchen professionals at work

TRANSFORMA® meat mincer and drum grater - your everyday heroes in the kitchen! With the meat mincer, you can make fresh burger patties, minced meat and sausages in no time at all. The drum grater makes effortless work of grating vegetables, cheese and more. These powerful kitchen gadgets make your preparation easier and bring creative cooking ideas to life. Get TRANSFORMA® and transform your kitchen into a professional area.

FLOTTE LOTTE® strainer

The FLOTTE LOTTE®: kitchen classics rediscovered

FLOTTE LOTTE® strainer

The original from GEFU. Let the quality convince you

The FLOTTE LOTTE® from GEFU is a timeless bestseller that no kitchen should be without. With its robust construction and efficient handling, it makes pureeing, straining and preparing sauces, soups, purées and more child's play. Its classic design and high-quality workmanship ensure durability and reliability. The FLOTTE LOTTE® is a versatile kitchen tool that enables fresh and healthy preparations in no time at all. Discover the practical functionality and culinary possibilities offered by the FLOTTE LOTTE® and give free rein to your creativity in the kitchen.

Ferment NATIVO®

Discover the art of fermentation with GEFU



Fermentation is an ancient method of preserving food for longer and intensifying its flavour. GEFU makes this traditional technique modern and uncomplicated. Our products and instructions make fermenting in your own kitchen child's play. Discover a world of flavours and healthy probiotics by fermenting vegetables, fruit and more. With GEFU, fermentation becomes a culinary art that you can master effortlessly. Bring new flavours to your dishes and expand your culinary horizons with GEFU!

Gravur Service

GEFU engraving service: A personal touch for your kitchen tools

Gravur Service

Your kitchen, your style - give your GEFU products a personal touch with our customised engraving

Our engraving services offer you a unique opportunity to personalise your kitchen utensils and tools and give them an individual touch. Whether you're looking for a personalised gift or simply want to make your own products unique, our engraving option allows you to let your creativity run wild. From chef's knives to wine openers, we offer a wide range of products that can be engraved. Give your kitchen utensils a personalised and distinctive touch that is not only functional, but also unique and stylish. Discover the world of personalised engraving now and turn your kitchen tools into unforgettable keepsakes.


Storeganizer: Clever organisation for the home



The bestseller

The Storeganizer is an innovative solution for the intelligent organisation of your home. Our bestseller, the "PANTRY" Storeganizer, is the ultimate answer to the challenges of kitchen organisation. With PANTRY, you can optimise the limited space in your pantry and store food, spices and kitchen utensils in a clear and space-saving way. No more tedious searching for ingredients or stacking up supplies - PANTRY creates order and ensures that everything runs smoothly in your kitchen. Discover the benefits of the store organiser and optimise your storage at home. PANTRY is not only functional, but also a stylish and practical accessory that will enhance your kitchen..