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80 Jahre GEFU

Wir feiern Innovationen. Von Generation zu Generation.

2023 steht ein rundes Jubiläum an: 80 Jahre GEFU! Das ist ein Anlass, um das ganze Jahr mit Ihnen zu feiern!

Together with you, we support children with congenital heart defects

Did you know that every year in Germany around 8,700 children are born with a heart defect? These very youngest citizens of the world need our help. We are committed to this with the GEFU Children's Heart Future Fund - together with the Children's Heart Foundation.

The KinderHerz-Zukunftsfonds GEFU aims to support research projects in paediatric cardiac medicine and to raise awareness of the foundation's important work. If you would like to support us in this endeavour, you are welcome to make a donation. You can help using the form below. You can use the form below to provide uncomplicated and direct support for the heart children. Thank you very much!

FundraisingBox Logo

Sustainable and transparent:
What happens with your donations

We use donations up to 299 euros for project funding. With a donation of more than 300 euros to the KinderHerz Future Fund GEFU, you are helping twice over. This means that 87% goes towards project work and 13% of your donation is used to top up the Future Fund. In this way, you are helping to ensure that children with heart disease can be helped in the long term. You will then receive two donation receipts, provided your postal address is available.

In any case, we thank you very much for your support!