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Fresh Variety with Spin

Salad Spinner

A Kitchen Helper for Every Household

Create delicious salads with the right kitchen tool, without any dripping greens or unwanted surprises like sand or pests - It's super easy with the use of a salad spinner. Place the washed salad in the sieve insert, place the lid on top, and turn the crank. For high-quality salad spinners, it's best to buy from GEFU®.

Salatschleuder SPEEDWING®

Salatschleuder ROTARE

Salatschleuder PULLIT

Salatschleuder PULLIT

Salad spinner PULLIT, stainless steel
€59.95* €69.95* -14.3%

How does a salad spinner work?

The salad spinner is a kitchen tool used to remove excess water from salad leaves. It consists of a round bowl with a sieve inside, and a lid equipped with a rotating mechanism and a crank or a pull cord with a retraction mechanism. When you set the mechanism of the salad spinner in motion, the rotation pushes the salad inside the sieve to the edges of the sieve, using the principle of centrifugal force. The sieve holds the leaves in place while the water is spun out into the bowl, collecting there. Thus, the salad spinner works on a simple yet very efficient principle! Stainless steel bowls are especially ideal, such as those made by GEFU, as stainless steel is easy to clean and bacteria do not adhere to it as well as they do to plastic.

Here's what makes a good salad spinner:

  • High-quality pull cord or crank mechanism with a retraction feature 
  • Gentle spinning without changing directions 
  • Multiple pulls of the cord for high speed 
  • Quality materials for the lid, pull cord, bowl, drive disk, etc. 
  • Optimal capacity 
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean 
  • Elegant design suitable for serving 
  • Spinning process dries lettuce, iceberg lettuce, lamb's lettuce, etc.

What types of salad spinners are available?

There are different types of salad spinners that vary in size, material, and design. Here are some of the most common types: 

  • Manual salad spinners: These spinners have a crank and a container. To remove water from the salad, you turn the crank. 
  • Electric salad spinners: These spinners are equipped with an electric motor and require no manual effort. They are ideal for daily use. 
  • Mini salad spinners: These small spinners are great for use in small kitchens or for transportation. 
  • Double spinners: These spinners have two separate containers that can be used independently. 
  • Stainless steel salad spinners: These spinners are sturdy, durable, and easy to clean. 

It's important to consider the size of the container and the intended use when choosing a salad spinner. A larger container is more suitable if you frequently prepare larger quantities of salad, while an electric spinner may be more convenient for daily use.

How to wash lettuce properly:

You should always wash lettuce before consuming it. But why? In most cases, you don't know exactly where the lettuce comes from, especially if you buy it from a conventional supermarket. Therefore, you don't know if your lettuce, regardless of the variety, has been sprayed with pesticides or if there might be insects hiding between or on the leaves that you'd rather not eat. To avoid rinsing away all the important nutrients from your lettuce by washing it too vigorously, it's best to place the plucked lettuce leaves in a bowl filled with cold water in your salad spinner and let it sit for a moment. Once the dirt has settled at the bottom of the bowl, transfer the lettuce leaves to the sieve of your salad spinner. Let them drain briefly and then spin them until the leaves are completely dry.

Why use a salad spinner?

A salad spinner is an essential kitchen tool for drying salad leaves effectively after washing them. When you use a salad spinner, the centrifugal force dries the lettuce leaves completely without losing their crisp texture. This is not the case when you dry the leaves on a kitchen towel or paper towel or shake them vigorously by hand. Once you discover the salad spinner as a practical kitchen accessory, you will never want to go back to using a traditional sieve in the sink. No more watery or mushy salad leaves or salad dressings diluted by residual water! With a high-quality salad spinner, your salad leaves will be clean, crisp, and ready for the perfect salad experience.

Which salad spinner should I buy?

If you don't already own a salad spinner or are looking for a new kitchen accessory, consider getting a GEFU® salad spinner. In our online shop, you can buy durable and high-quality models that will serve you well and bring you joy for many years to come. Our stainless steel salad spinners, in particular, are not only exceptionally sturdy but also perfect for serving the finished salad with their stainless steel bowls. Thus, you have two functions in one kitchen tool! Kitchen accessories couldn't be more practical.

Different sizes of salad spinners:

Salad spinners come in different sizes, varying in capacity and the size of the container. Here are some of the most common sizes: 

  • Mini spinners: These spinners have a small capacity and are great for use in small kitchens or for transportation. 
  • Medium-sized spinners: These spinners have a capacity of about 1 to 2 liters and are suitable for daily use in small to medium-sized households. 
  • Large spinners: These spinners have a capacity of 2 to 4 liters and are suitable for use in larger households or when serving a large number of guests. 

The size you choose depends on your needs. If you only make salad occasionally, a mini spinner may be sufficient. If you make salad frequently and cook for multiple people, you may want to consider a larger spinner. 

 An important factor to consider when choosing the size is the available space in your kitchen. Before making a purchase, check if the desired size fits in your kitchen cabinet and if you have enough counter space to use the spinner. 

In summary, choose a salad spinner size that meets your needs and fits in your kitchen.

The champions among salad spinners:

Trust the professionals when it comes to salad spinners and discover the GEFU SPEEDWING® range. Simply spin the salad and effortlessly stop the spinning process of the salad spinner with the "Stop" button. With the integrated spout in the lid, you can quickly and easily drain off the excess water. 

  • Salad Spinner SPEEDWING®, Stainless Steel: With the Salad Spinner SPEEDWING®, Stainless Steel, you get a 5-liter capacity salad spinner that gently spins and dries the salad thanks to the pull cord with retraction mechanism, leaving it perfectly crisp. The elegant stainless steel bowl is also ideal for serving your salad. Both the bowl, sieve, and drive disk are dishwasher safe. 
  • Salad Spinner SPEEDWING®: The GEFU Salad Spinner SPEEDWING® is also a great choice. With multiple pulls, you can achieve high speed for even faster salad enjoyment. This practical kitchen utensil is also dishwasher safe.

Additional GEFU salad spinners:

  • Salad Spinner ROTARE: Get crispy-dry salad leaves in no time with our basic Salad Spinner ROTARE. 
  • Salad Spinner ROTARE, Stainless Steel: You'll receive a sturdy stainless steel salad spinner with this model, Salad Spinner ROTARE. After spinning the salad, you can serve it in the elegant stainless steel bowl. It's a classic among salad bowls made from high-quality stainless steel!

Quality over price?

High-quality and affordable kitchen utensils from GEFU! With GEFU® kitchen helpers, you can't go wrong. In our range, you'll find salad spinners for every budget that meet your requirements.