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Our all-rounder

Flotte Lotte strainer

Practical cooking utensils for the loving kitchen - Why go shopping when making it yourself can be so easy? With the Flotte Lotte kitchen aid, you can create the smoothest jam you can imagine. Conjure up delicious sauces, fruit purée and even baby porridge for the little ones with ease.

Our FLOTTE LOTTE® family

Food mill FLOTTE LOTTE® + 3 discs
€64.95* €79.95* -18.76%

That's why the Flotte Lotte® strainer is such a good choice!

At GEFU, we prioritise quality in all our practical kitchen utensils. Our cooking utensils for your kitchen are made of the finest stainless steel, have a high-quality finish, are particularly robust and offer unbeatable value for money. We deliver your products quickly and reliably and you also benefit from our 5-year guarantee. When purchasing a blender in particular, you should make sure that it is made of metal or, even better, the best stainless steel. This is the only way to get a long-lasting and reliable kitchen aid. The Flotte Lotte® range of blenders has proven its worth for many years in households throughout Germany and beyond, contributing to the finest and most delicious jams, purées, sauces and mash.

How is jam made?

Making jam doesn't have to be a big challenge, especially not with the GEFU Flotte Lotte® strainer. Simply cook the fruit or vegetables of your choice (for example for a green tomato jam) and then gradually add the fruit cooked to a pulp to the high-quality kitchen aid. With the practical Flotte Lotte® strainer, you can easily sieve out all unpleasant pieces and stringy consistencies with a gentle turning motion. Thanks to the GEFU kitchen utensils, you get velvety smooth jam that is otherwise only available to buy.

Make your own applesauce - quick and easy with the Flotte Lotte®

Has the apple tree in your garden produced more apples than you can eat? Why not simply make apple sauce from them? With a high-quality kitchen utensil such as the Flotte Lotte® blender, you can preserve the sweet and sour fruit and always have a great homemade gift to hand. Making fruit purée yourself is very easy. Simply boil the fruit for no longer than 10 minutes, puree it and then pass it through the Flotte Lotte® blender into soft applesauce. Of course, you can also use the kitchen gadget to make puree from other fruits, according to your personal taste. Why not mix different types of fruit?

Cooking baby porridge yourself made easy - with this kitchen gadget

 From the 6th month of life, the time has come: you can now feed your child complementary foods. It makes sense to process foods with lots of nutrients into a high-quality porridge. Sounds complicated? It's not! GEFU supplies the right kitchen utensils. Fruit, vegetables, pulses, cereals, meat and fish are particularly suitable for processing into porridge for the little ones. Choose high-quality ingredients. Steam or stew the ingredients until everything is nice and soft, puree them if necessary and then pass them through the practical Flotte Lotte® blender to make the finest porridge. This way you can be sure that no strings or hard-to-digest parts remain.

Ready-made sauces - with GEFU cooking utensils

No more packet sauces and their endless additives and preservatives. You can easily make delicious sauces yourself. With the Flotte Lotte® blender from GEFU. How about a tasty and fresh tomato sauce to accompany your pasta? Simply bring ripe tomatoes to the boil and allow them to become creamy, then use the kitchen tool to strain them into a lump- and seed-free sauce. Enjoy your meal!

The Flotte Lotte® range from GEFU

Flotte Lotte® strainer, tried and tested - The classic among straining appliances. Flotte Lotte® strainer - The tried and tested original with a volume of 1.75 litres. Flotte Lotte® multifunctional strainer with 2 perforated discs and patented scraper - The Flotte Lotte® with 2 litre capacity in a practical set FLOTTE LOTTE® strainer incl. 3 perforated discs (1 mm, 3 mm and 5 mm) and patented scraper - The professional equipment for super quick and easy straining - thanks to the three different perforated discs supplied, as fine as you like. Are you looking for other practical kitchen gadgets? Equip your kitchen with high-quality cooking utensils from GEFU!

Quick guide: Strainers in the modern kitchen

In the modern kitchen, there are many tools and appliances that make cooking easier and more efficient. One such appliance is the blender, which is considered indispensable in many kitchens. In this article, we will take a closer look at the blender and find out why it is an important tool in the modern kitchen.

What is a strainer?

A strainer is a tool that is used to pass food through a fine sieve. It is usually made of stainless steel or plastic and consists of a bowl, a handle and a sieve. The sieve is attached to the bowl and has small holes through which the food passes.

Why is a blender important in the modern kitchen?

A strainer is a versatile tool that is considered essential in many kitchens. Here are some reasons why it is important:

  1. Remove lumps and seeds: A strainer is ideal for removing lumps and seeds from food. For example, you can use a blender to strain tomato sauce or soups to remove lumps and seeds and achieve a smooth texture.
  2. Production of baby porridge: If you are making baby food, a blender is indispensable. It allows you to turn food into a fine texture that is easy for babies to swallow.
  3. Preparation of sauces and dressings:A blender is also ideal for preparing sauces and dressings. For example, you can pass a vinaigrette through a blender to obtain a smooth texture.
  4. Preparation of jam and jelly : A strainer is also an important tool for making jam and jelly. It allows you to strain fruit to remove seeds and skins and obtain a smooth texture.
  5. Easy cleaning : A strainer is easy to clean. As a rule, you can simply put it in the dishwasher or wash it by hand.

How do you use a strainer?

A strainer is easy to use. Here are the steps:
  • Place the blender over a bowl or pot in which the strained food is to be collected.
  • Place the food in the blender and press it through the sieve with a spoon or scraper.
  • Repeat the process until all the food has been passed through.
  • Remove the strainer and dispose of the residue.


A blender is an important part of the modern kitchen. It is versatile and easy to use, and there are many reasons why it is an indispensable tool. Whether you want to prepare sauces and dressings, make jam or remove lumps and seeds from food, a blender is the perfect tool for the job.


1.Can I also use a blender to press fruit and vegetables?
No, a blender is not designed for pressing fruit and vegetables. You should use a juicer or a juicer for this.

2. Can I also use a blender to chop food?
No, a blender is not intended for chopping food. You should use a blender or food processor for this.

3. Can I clean a strainer in the dishwasher?
Yes, as a rule you can simply put a blender in the dishwasher. However, it is always advisable to follow the manufacturer's instructions.

4. Can I also use a blender for solid foods such as potatoes or carrots?
Yes, a blender is also suitable for solid foods. However, you should make sure that the sieve of the blender is fine enough to pass through all the pieces.

5. Can I also use a blender to prepare dough?
No, a blender is not intended for preparing dough. You should use a blender or food processor for this.