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Red sauerkraut with carrots, spring onions, coriander and chili

Source: https://www.gefu.com/rcp_recipe/red-sauerkraut-with-carrots-spring-onions-coriander-and-chili


600 g Red cabbage
300 g Carrots
100 g Spring onions
12 g coriander leaves
1 Chili pepper
Sea salt


  • Slice cabbage into narrow strips with a slicer 
  • finely grate carrots and cut spring onions into fine rings
  • knead the chopped vegetables with the salt (2% of the amount of vegetables) in a large bowl, so that the juice can escape, here you can also use the pestle for help add the coriander leaves and the chili pepper cut into fine rings (with or without seeds, depending on the spiciness) 
  • Pile the cabbage little by little into a clean fermentation jar and press each layer firmly with the pestle, adding spices to taste. 
  • IMPORTANT: the cabbage must be completely covered with the liquid (if the cabbage liquid is not enough, you can add some brine (2-3 % concentration = 2-3 g salt/100 ml water)
  • then insert the jar weight with the help of the fermentation tongs (work cleanly) and screw the lid with the integrated valve onto the jar
  • let the vegetables ferment in a warm (18-23 °C), dark place 
  • when the ferment is sufficiently fermented (taste) after a few days (about 5-10 days), store it in a cool place at 6-8 °C 
  • stored in the refrigerator or cellar, the red sauerkraut can be kept for several months, provided that sterile working conditions are observed when removing the ferment.